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(LinuxWorld) -- We examine two different scenarios in an attempt to find when it's smarter to choose Unix or Windows. In scenario 1, a college administrator chooses Unix or Windows for a 500-student system. In scenario 2, the board of a 5,000-user manufacturing company looks at that same decision. Under each scenario, we examine some of the direct and indirect consequences of the decision. We consider, for example, the impact the college's decision has on parental support costs for students as well as the more obvious costs to the college. At the manufacturing company, we look at costs, productivity, and visit the board's decision on the CIO's role. Case 1: Student system We picked the college situation because its requirements are relatively simple with few management issues to consider. The administrator wants to minimize costs while giving the students access ... (more)

The pros and cons of business-app implemention via open-source software (Part 1)

(LinuxWorld) — This is the first installment of a series comparing the implementation results for real business applications. We'll examine business-application implementation using Unix tools and ideas and how this plan of attack compares to what happens when the same apps are implemented using Microsoft-licensed software. Each application will be the subject of two articles. The first one will present the theoretical — or "book-learning" — view of the issue and invite readers with real-world experience in using the technologies to contact the author in confide... (more)

A strategic comparison of Windows vs. Unix, version 2.0

(LinuxWorld) — This article compares the Microsoft client/server architecture to the Unix approach in terms of systems decisions facing a university faculty. To put this in context, imagine that you are being interviewed for a job as the faculty's systems manager. The chairman of the selection committee asks you to come in to discuss whether the faculty would be better served if it went all-Linux instead of staying all-Microsoft. Notice that you're not being asked the traditional "which is cheaper?" question. Most people have little trouble figuring out that free is cheaper ... (more)

How Apache & Plan 9 will defeat Microsoft's Passport

(LinuxWorld) — Linux gets a lot of press these days, but much of it appears condescending and is more about the phenomenon of its emergence and growth than it is about the value and use of the technology. That may be about to change, and for the better. As a group, the so-called "mainstream press" often appears to favor Microsoft and show an appalling lack of technical depth in its enthusiastic repetition of the latest Microsoft press release. There’s been a lot of speculation on why this is and whether it even happens. So far, no definitive research provides answers ... (more)

Weighing the pros & cons of IBM's mainframe Linux, Part 2

(LinuxWorld) -- Part 1 in this series showed: The high-end z900 lists for around $5 million to start Offers a maximum of 64 gigabytes of real memory and 16 CPUs running at 770-MHz Is designed for high-speed batch processing, not interactive user support. There seem to be no clearly defined, third party, audited benchmarks giving the price performance ratio of the zSeries relative to conventional Unix hardware. A view from outside the box The dominance of the better solution is an important issue at both technical and business levels. A solution may be the best choice in its own ... (more)